Fresh V Rotten (June 20, 2014)


This weekend in movies, Clint Eastwood tackles on a musical while Kevin Hart continues his streak of playing the same character over and over again.


“Think Like A Man Too” – 24% ROTTEN

“‘Think Like A Man Too’ reunites its predecessor’s talented cast, but fails to take their characters in new or interesting directions.”


“Jersey Boys” – 58% ROTTEN

“‘Jersey Boys is neither as inventive nor as energetic as it could be, but there’s no denying the powerful pleasures of its musical moments.”

Overall Tomatometer Score for the Weekend: 41% ROTTEN

Looks like Kevin Hart and company fall flat while the Four Seasons almost reach success.


Now I never really planned on seeing “Think Like A Man Too” in the first place so the relentlessly negative reviews just compliment my decision to skip this one. The score’s not as bad as the 18% score that “Ride Along” received earlier this year, but considerably lower than both the original “Think Like A Man” (53%) and “About Last Night (68%).

As for “Jersey Boys,” this rotten score doesn’t really surprise me either. Clint Eastwood hasn’t directed a positively reviewed film since 2009’s “Invictus” (76%) so I was expecting that this would end up on the negative side anyway. Still, it does have a better score than his last two outings, (“Hereafter” received a 46% and “J. Edgar” received a 43%).

What movies will you be seeing this weekend? Will you be going to Vegas with Kevin Hart or singing alongside the Four Seasons? As for me, I’ve already made it clear that I’m skipping “Think Like A Man Too,” so chances are I’ll be checking out “Jersey Boys” instead. Make sure to comment below and vote in the poll for what you will be seeing this weekend.

Thank you guys so much for reading and, as always, “Follow the Screen, Scene X Scene!”


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