“Birdman” Trailer Has Been Released



The teaser trailer has just been released for Michael Keaton’s new film, “Birdman.” You can view the trailer here:

This! Looks! Awesome!

I get serious vibes of a Spike Jonze movie when looking at this trailer. Has some shots that remind me as if they’re straight out of “Being John Malkovich” or “Where the Wild Things Are.”

I also get a feeling that this has a similar feel to last year’s “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.” Some may say that’s a bad thing, but I see that as a major positive. Visually, that was an absolutely stunning movie. This looks really inspired in it’s style. It also helps that Emmanuel Lubezki (“Gravity”) is the cinematographer on this film.

So what are your thoughts on the trailer for “Birdman?” Are you as excited about this film as I am? Make sure you leave a comment below.

“Birdman” is set to open on October 17, 2014.

Thank you guys so much for reading and, as always, “Follow the Screen, Scene X Scene!”


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