Box Office: “Fault” Sees “Stars,” “Edge” Falls Short


Box office results are in and Shailene Woodley adds another huge success to her resume while Tom Cruise takes a disappointing hit.

“The Fault In Our Stars” had a huge opening weekend debut with $48 million. It’s not quite as big as Divergent’s $54.6 million debut, but this is further proof that you should never underestimate a film based on a young adult novel. I still have yet to see the film, but based on what friends of mine have told me, I’m happy for it’s success. I might be seeing it sometime over the weekend due to an overload of screenings this week.

In second place, “Maleficent” enjoyed a relatively low 50.6% drop, earning $34.3 million. As of right now, it’s tally is up to $128.2 million after 10 days. It’s trailing “Oz: The Great and Powerful”‘s numbers by almost $20 million, but that’s mostly due to the lack of competition it faced being released in early March. The Jolie-lead flick faced a lot of competition from “Fault” and will likely take a big dive with the release of “How to Train Your Dragon 2” this weekend.

In sad news, “Edge of Tomorrow” failed to bring in a solid debut for Tom Cruise. The film only earned a disappointing $28.8 million over the weekend, nearly $10 million behind Cruise’s last debut, “Oblivion.” I’m hopeful that word of mouth for the film will help it out in the coming weeks but once again, there’s strong competition coming in from “Dragon” and “22 Jump Street” this weekend, which will take up a bunch of the screens. Shame considering how absolutely incredible “Edge” is.

What do you think about the box office numbers? What did you see this weekend? You saw Shailene Woodley cry in front of the camera or Tom Cruise cry behind the camera? Comment below with your thoughts.

And here are the rest of the top 10 at the box office:

1. “The Fault In Our Stars” – $48 million
2. “Maleficent” – $34.3 million (-50.6%)
3. “Edge of Tomorrow” – $28.8 million
4. “X-Men: Days of Future Past” – $15.2 million (-53.4%)
5. “A Million Ways to Die in the West” – $7.3 million (-56.3%)
6. “Godzilla” – $6.1 million (-49%)
7. “Neighbors” – $5.3 million (-34.1%)
8. “Blended” – $4.1 million (-49.4%)
9. “Chef” – $2.6 million (+37.2%)
10. “Million Dollar Arm” – $2 million (-43.5%)

Thank you guys so much for reading and, as always, “Follow the Screen, Scene X Scene!”


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